Tight contacts guaranteed! 1 Ideal anatomy! 2 Simplified technique! 3
Garrison Dental 3D Fusion diagram

Only a sectional matrix system can deliver results like this!

Tofflemire-style System

Tofflemire-style System

  1. Fails to restore proximal anatomy
  2. Thin contact at the marginal ridge
  3. Large food trap below
  4. Increased likelihood of fracture, occlusal interference, recurrent caries, and periodontal disease
Composi-Tight® Sectional Matrix System

Composi-Tight® Sectional Matrix System

  1. Operator-friendly retaining system
  2. Naturally contoured bands
  3. Anatomically correct contacts
  4. Contacts at the height of contour
  5. Rings produce optimal tooth separation for excellent, tight contacts

Only Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ can make the technique this intuitive and frustration free!

How it works

1Place the matrix band

Place the matrix band

Dead-soft three dimensionally contoured matrices have placement tabs for easier occlusal placement and Garrison's revolutionary non-stick coating for hassle-free removal.

2Wedge firmly

Wedge firmly

Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ Ultra-Adaptive wedges glide in, but won't back out. Their soft, flexible exterior readily adapts to interproximal irregularities for a superior gingival seal.

3Place the ring

Place the ring

All three of the Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ separator rings will fit over the wedge for easier placement. With Ultra-Grip™ retention extensions, they will stay firmly in place from the distal of the canine to the widest of molar preparations.

Here’s why it’s time to upgrade to the All-New Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ Sectional Matrix System!

  • Prior Systems

    Prior system image

    All-New Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™

    Modern system image Modern system image
    1. Both Short ring (blue) and Tall ring (orange) have Ultra-Grip™ retention extensions to prevent spring-off
    2. Improved stacking for MODs
    3. 20%+ Improved separating force
    4. Enhanced marginal ridge built into Soft-Face™ silicone tips for better adaptation
    5. Flash is virtually eliminated by the three dimensionally contoured ring tips.
    6. The new “horseshoe” shape is significantly easier to open yet produces more tooth separating power.
  • Prior Systems

    Prior system image

    All-New Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™

    Modern system image
    1. Dentistry's first Wide Preparation ring! Greatly simplifies these tougher cases — even with a missing cusp!
    2. The same great retention and adaptation as the Short ring (blue) and Tall ring (orange) above
  • Prior Systems

    Prior system image

    All-New Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™

    Modern system image
    1. Recreates ideal anatomy with the design of the new Full Curve Matrix Bands
    2. Easier placement with new Grab-Tabs™ on the occlusal edge
    3. Longer bands are a perfect match for the Wide Prep ring
  • Prior Systems

    Prior system image

    All-New Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™

    Modern system image
    1. Soft-Face™ exterior adapts to interproximal irregularities
    2. Flexible fins glide in but prevent wedge back-out
    3. Superior gingival seal
  • Prior Systems

    Prior system image

    All-New Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™

    Modern system image
    1. Dentistry's premier ring placement forceps durability prevents leverage-robbing flexion
    2. Easily opens strong rings regardless of hand strength or size
    3. Fits virtually any ring from any manufacturer

Only Garrison's Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ delivers these outstanding benefits...


Wide Preparation ring

Only Garrison makes wide preparations easier — even if there's a missing cusp. The green Wide Prep ring hugs and supports the matrix band without dimpling it, allowing you to restore these challenging restorations in one easy step.

All three rings eliminate flash

Garrison's exclusive Soft-Face™ silicone tips gently hug matrix bands to the tooth, virtually eliminating flash. You save valuable chair time with every restoration.

Garrison rings stay on the tooth

Ultra-Grip™ retention extensions on all three Garrison rings tenaciously anchor them to the teeth, allowing placement in locations other rings can't match. Place one on the distal of the canine, on a malpositioned tooth, even on top of a rubber dam clamp, and they will stay where you place them. No more ring spring-off.

Rings are easy to place

The advanced design and materials used in Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ separator rings allows them to open more easily while actually providing more separating force. Couple that with our Tru-Stack™ design for convenient MOD/multi-tooth restorations and you have rings that are a pleasure to use.


Garrison bands have true sizes

Take a close look at some other matrix bands and you may notice that the body (not the subgingival extension) is pretty much the same size on each of their “sizes.” Only the subgingival extension changes. Garrison’s Full Curve bands give you three distinct body sizes plus two with subgingival extensions. Better fitting bands provide anatomically accurate restorations.

No holes to tear out

You won’t find any holes in Garrison bands to get caught on the forceps during placement, or tear out during removal. Tabbed for easy occlusal placement and longer for wider preps, you’ll find our bands a perfect match for our Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ separator rings.

Non-stick coating invented by Garrison

Full Curve bands aren’t color coded to make them pretty. The special coating, invented by us, reduces bonding agent and composite adhesion by a massive 92%. Full Curve matrix bands are easy in and easy out.


Wedges adapt to root concavities and tooth irregularities

Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ Ultra-Adaptive Wedges incorporate Garrison’s exclusive Soft-Face™ technology to adapt in ways that hard plastic, or even hollow plastic wedges just can’t do. Seal up those root concavities and tooth irregularities so your preps are kept clean and dry.

Provide firm wedging

Wedges are integral to obtaining the tooth separation necessary for achieving proper interproximal contact. Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ wedges have a firm inner skeleton that ensures proper separation.

Doesn’t back out

Soft, flexible fins easily fold down to glide in during insertion, then spring back out to secure the wedge.

Gentle to the papilla

An upturned, ski-like tip, gentle radius edges, and a Soft-Face™ outer layer reduces trauma in ways that sharp edged, “hollow” plastic wedges can’t.


Forceps for precise control

Dentistry’s premier ring placement forceps eliminate leverage-robbing flexion. Their pivot point and tips are in the optimum position to allow you to place strong separator rings on the widest molars regardless of your hand size or strength.


You don’t want a drawer full of different forceps — so donate the ones you have. All you need is a pair of Garrison’s new forceps. They’re designed to work equally well with virtually any brand of separator ring.