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*This item is currently only available in the following countries: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Denmark.*
Garrison Dental is proud to introduce a new line of professional teeth whitening strips: Daring White™ Professional Teeth Whitening

The new Daring White professional teeth whitening strips offer a safe 15% Carbamide Peroxide formulation for beautiful results with minimal sensitivity, in an easy, take-home strip, eliminating the need for custom trays. 
Dentists can deliver convenient, same-day treatment with the strips and your patient will notice results in 5-10 days. 
Compared to traditional bleaching tray systems, your patient will appreciate the nearly invisible Daring White strips ability to stay in place, allowing for uninterrupted conversation, eating food and even drinking cold liquids without becoming displaced. 

Practice Building Benefits:

    As a dental professional, you now have a new, simplified avenue for growing your patient base by adding Daring White strips to your treatment offering. Benefits for your practice include reduced chair time compared to traditional bleaching trays, increased acceptance for high revenue treatment plans, and improved patient self-esteem.

    • Easy, high margin add-on sale 
    • Daring White smiles can lead to high revenue cosmetic cases
    • Use prior to cosmetic procedures for an aesthetically pleasing result
    • Your patients will show their friends the beautiful smile you helped create--generating more referrals
    • Great incentive product to bring in new patients


    Natural Mint Flavor Products to Order:

    The complete Whitening Treatment contains a set of ten whitening strips to effectively combat years of staining. After the initial ten treatments are finished, your patient can follow up with a five-strip treatment as a touch up during her next office visit.


    Part # Name # of Patient Treatments Use
    DWK03 Daring White Intro Kit with 10-Treatment Packs 3 Complete whitening treatment (10 days)
    DWK04 Daring white Bulk Kit with 10-Treatment Packs 6 Complete whitening treatment (10 days)
    DWK01 Daring White Intro Kit with 5-Treatment Packs 6 Touch up (5 days)
    DWK02 Daring White Bulk Kit with 5-Treatment Packs 12 Touch up (5 days)



    How Daring White Works: 

    1. Verify that your patient is a viable candidate for teeth whitening

    2. Check the current color of teeth using a shade guide and mark it on your patient's record

    3. Explain to your patient that they may see several shade changes by the end of treatment

    4. Apply the first strip in the office (patient will wear for 1-2 hours)

    5. Give the remaining strips to your patient to use at home over the next 5-10 days depending on the number of treatments in the pack




    Marketing Materials Ready for You:

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