• Dr. Jeffrey M. Rosenberg

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    "In today’s modern dental practice, efficient systems that yield the best esthetic and functional success are a must. Nothing makes it easier, faster or less traumatic than Bob’s packer. It is a must have!" ... Read more
  • Dr. Maruice Convey

    Norway, Maine
    "I just wanted to say how awesome the Wedge Wands are! I had my doubts because the looked so bulky and wondered if the post would really separate that easily - they do! I had been using the Flexi Wedges for a few years and they were good, but... Read more
  • Martin Abel, DDS FAGD

    Rockville, Maryland
    "Composi-Tight Gold™, a great matrix for predictable tight contacts with anatomical contours. There are some dental products which I can't practice without." ... Read more
  • Cary A Behle, DDS

    San Diego, California
    "I just love what you guys come up with! After all, you're dentists really. These wands are absolutely the most sensible solution to one of those problems that we don't even know we have, we just get along with the hemostats, etc... Read more
  • Len Boksman DDS, BSC, FADI, FICD

    London, Ontario
    "This new modification of the ring makes a lot of sense, and since some newer ring designs allow for better wedge placement, this new design offers two benefits – allows the placement of the wedge and the ring over top of it more easily, and... Read more
  • Jeffrey C. Hoos, DMD, FAGD

    Stratford, Connecticut
    "We as dentists are under the same obligation as all healthcare givers: Do no harm! Using a product that protects the tissue and provides a superior results for our restorative needs, that is what the Garrison 3D Soft-Face ring does for us. The... Read more
  • Ronald J. Chalk, DDS

    Dallas, Texas
    "Resistance of contact to floss is superior to anything I've tried including the original Composi-Tight System. I feel you have provided a product that will finally give the consistent results dentists have been looking for."... Read more