The new cost-effective solution for tight contacts from Garrison!

As the name implies, the new NiTin™ sectional matrix system separator rings are made from a special formulation of NiTinol nickel titanium for super strength and resiliency. Rather than typical material used by other brands, NiTin™ is made with drawn-wire NiTinol which produces superior spring characteristics. Add in the PEEK reinforcement on the bow of the ring and you've got a system that produces exceptional contacts for hundreds and hundreds of uses.

Longevity by design

  • Drawn-wire nickel titanium for the ultimate in long life
  • Proprietary heat-set processing increases strength and resiliency
  • PEEK (polyether ether ketone) super-polymer reinforcement reduces ring stretch
  • Ultra-durable PEEK tips are the strongest, longest lasting polymer tips on any ring

Optimized geometry for adaptation and control

  • Precisely engineered tip geometry allows NiTin™ to grip where others pop-off--all while reducing flash
  • Smaller, less "bulky" design fits well in tight spots and is still stackable for MOD
NiTin™ Long Ring Refill
Package of two (2). Excellent for tall molars and for easy stacking on MODs.
NiTin™ Standard Ring Refill
Package of two (2). Perfect for shorter teeth and next to rubber dam clamps.

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