The all-new Fusion™ Anterior Matrix System from Garrison gives you the materials and techniques to restore many types of anterior lesions with confidence. 

The clever features of the Fusion Anterior Wedge make it a ‘must have’ for all anterior restorations.

  • Radical curvature ensures a firm seal at the cervical margin from facial to lingual.
  • Helps maintain ideal anatomy by hugging the band to the tooth.
  • Unique ‘T’ shape sits deeper in the interproximal space to minimize the dreaded ‘black triangle.’
  • Tapered separator strut allows you to adjust the amount of pressure exerted to control the interproximal contact.
  • The cervical interface is half above and half below the sulcus for maximum adaptation with deeper restorations.


Fusion Anterior Wedge Kit
Contains: 400 wedges (100 of each size)
Fusion Anterior Wedge Mini Kit
Contains: 200 wedges (50 of each size)
Fusion Anterior Wedge Yellow Refill - Extra Small
Contains: 100 wedges (bulk), 50 wedges (standard)
Fusion Anterior Wedge Blue Refill - Small
Contains: 100 wedges (bulk), 50 wedges (standard)
Fusion Anterior Wedge Orange Refill - Medium
Contains: 100 wedges (bulk), 50 wedges (standard)
Fusion Anterior Wedge Green Refill - Large
Contains: 100 wedges (bulk), 50 wedges (standard)

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