• Enrico Cogo, DDS

    Legnago, Ferrara, and Goito, Italy
    "3D rings are the real topic of Garrison’s systems. The “v” shape of the ring that fits in the interproximal area allows a good fitting between the cavity margins and the matrix in the buccal and palatal walls. This results in an easier... Read more
  • Lee Ann Brady, DMD

    Glendale, Arizona
    "If it is possible, and not too weird, to be in love with a matrix band, I am. Over the last month, I have started to use the Composi-Tight 3D Clear sectional matrix from Garrison and I cannot imagine going back to using anything else."... Read more
  • Jack Griffin, Jr., DMD

    Eureka, Montana
    "Pinch Matrices are a terrific supplement to the Garrison ring and matrix systems. Awesome for creating contacts on both mesial and distal without using other full bands that use holders that are in the way and may pinch lips. They are... Read more
  • Carla Cohn, DMD

    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    “The Composi-Tight 3D XR matrix from Garrison allows for consistently excellent contacts and contours in both primary and permanent dentition. The matrices, ring and wedge are simple to place, resulting in reliable restorations.”Read more
  • Robert Rosenfeld, DDS

    Westwood, New Jersey
    "The 3D rings do a beautiful job of preventing flash by pressing the sectional matrix band against the tooth to be restored. With the prior ring generation, there were some teeth whose anatomical shape resulted in pop-off. With the addition... Read more
  • Matthew A. Nejad, DDS

    Beverly Hills, CA
    "We produced the margin elevation band to facilitate the deep margin elevation technique which is becoming increasingly popular with adhesive dentistry. Properly performed, this technique allows for a conservative indirect restoration to be... Read more
  • Dr. Richard Field

    United Kingdom
    "The new Marginal Elevation bands from Garrison are a true revelation! Their reduced height and pronounced curve makes close adaptation of the bands to the deep margin easy without having to resort to cutting standard matrix strips. By allowing... Read more
  • Matthew Holyoak, BDS, Dip Rest Dent (RCS Eng) MSc (Rest Dent)

    Lancashire, England
    "The 3DXR ring from Garrison Dental is a significant improvement on all previous rings; it is truly universal and I have not found any Class II restoration that it will not fit. The 3DXR has not flown across the room once! When used with the... Read more