Color coded and conveniently organized, the Slick Bands Tofflemire-Style kit provides a combination of nine improved dead-soft and regular matrices, G-Wedge anatomical wedges and PerForm proximal contact instruments.
Even our most die-hard Composi-Tight® sectional matrix system users need a Tofflemire-Style matrix band from time to time.  Slick Bands™ non-stick matrices are the first Tofflemire-style bands to virtually eliminate the problem of difficult to remove matrix bands.  Modern bonding agents do a fantastic job of bonding resins to tooth structure.  Unfortunately, they also do a good job of bonding the matrix band to the restoration.  Slick Bands eliminate this hassle.  A micro-thin coating bonded to either dead-soft or regular stainless steel reduces bonding agent adhesion by 92%!

Key features:

  • Proprietary non-stick Slick Bands™ technology
  • Improved tear-resistant dead-soft matrices
  • Exclusive Right-Curve and all new Margin Elevation matrix designs
  • Color coded and conveniently organized

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