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The Modern Approach to Successful Anterior Composite Restorations: A hands-on CE experience 8/18/22

Until recently, products available to manage anterior composite restorations have remained largely unchanged. Now, new technology has emerged that has brought innovation to this area of dentistry. During the first part of this course, Dr. JD Corey will review a variety of anterior composite matrix systems and techniques. Close attention will be dedicated to the specific complications that these restorations present and how to choose the appropriate system to overcome these challenges. The second part of the course will allow participants to gain hands-on experience with unique tips, tricks, and new techniques shared by Dr. Corey. Participants will learn how to restore back-to-back anterior restorations simultaneously, how to restore mesial and distal restorations simultaneously, and how to manage the dreaded class III and class V combination restoration.

Course Objectives:
Understand the most common reasons for failure of direct composite anterior restorations
Appreciate the impact that preparation design has on retention and esthetics
Learn how to better manage the shape, contact, and marginal seal of anterior composite restorations
Recognize the variety of techniques available and how to choose the appropriate technique for various types of anterior restorations
Learn how to finish, polish, and maintain successful anterior composite restorations

1) Registration closes on 8/8/2022 at 8:00 am Eastern.
2) 3 hours of CE hands-on (participation) credit
3) A course fee of $325 applies. Materials provided with the course fee are yours to keep! It's strongly recommended that you participate in this course while in the office. Access to a handpiece, curing light and other equipment is required.
4) A full refund will be allowed if notice is given prior to August 18th, 2022. when the course materials have been received back at 150 DeWitt Lane, Spring Lake, Michigan 49456. After August 18th, 2022 no refunds will be provided.
5) AGD subject code 250
6) No required Prerequisites

Dr. JD Corey
Start Date/Time
Thursday, Aug. 18 @ 4:00pm
Duration (minutes)
CDE Hours
AGD Code