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Garrison Dental Solutions Introduces A+Wedge™

September 2, 2014
SPRING LAKE, Michigan – Garrison Dental Solutions, the global leader in sectional matrix systems used for Class II composite restorations, announces the introduction of a new wedge: the A+Wedge™.  Unlike a typical wedge, it is coated with an astringent that allows the clinician to control gingival bleeding.  Many dentists experience interproximal bleeding during composite restorative procedures and generally use a wedge and an astringent separately.  The A+Wedge combines the two, thus simplifying the restorative procedure.
In addition to adapting naturally and mimicking interproximal anatomy, the A+Wedge is coated with aluminum sulfate that provides an astringent effect.  Further, feedback from field trials indicated that the Garrison A+Wedge minimized or eliminated bleeding during the restoration and that the product is particularly beneficial for use on patients with slight to mild gingivitis.  Also, this all-new anatomical wedge improves clarity of the restoration area while adapting naturally to the contours of the teeth.  The A+Wedge is the first and only plastic wedge coated with an astringent.
The wedges are designed to prevent back-out and are long enough to allow for proper matrix ring placement.  The wedges come in a range of sizes (extra-small, small, medium, and large) and can be purchased by themselves or as a component in Garrison’s sectional matrix kits. 
For more information about the A+Wedge™, call 1-888-437-0032.