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Blue View™ Pinch™ Matrices

Blue View Pinch Premolar Matrices (qty. of 50)

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Blue View Pinch Molar Matrices (qty. of 50)

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Your fastest and easiest choice when you need a Tofflemire-style matrix. Blue View™ Pinch™ Matrices are retainerless Tofflemire-style matrices, in blue transparent, with a built-in tensioning ring. There’s no more fiddling with retainers or fancy tightening devices, simply slip around the tooth to be restored and Pinch!

Retainerless - the easiest-to-place circumferential matrix

Pre-contoured - anatomy-hugging shape helps produce properly contoured restorations

Transparent - increased light penetration and overall visibility

Blue tint - provides contrast between matrix and tooth structure without compromising composite polymerization

How to Use


Class II

Crown Buildups

Crown Build Up / Post / Core


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