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Daring White™ Professional Teeth Whitening Strips

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The new Daring White™ professional teeth whitening strips offer a safe 15% Carbamide Peroxide formulation for beautiful results with minimal sensitivity, in an easy, take-home strip, eliminating the need for custom trays.  Dentists can deliver convenient, same-day treatment with the strips and patients will notice results shortly after the initial treatment.

Dentists have reported that patients appreciate the take-home convenience, comfort and consistent results.  Using proprietary advanced bleaching technology, patients will see visible whitening in 5-10 days.  The nearly invisible Daring White strips stay in place allowing for uninterrupted conversation, eating food and even drinking cold liquids without becoming displaced, compared to traditional bleaching tray systems.  Garrison’s proprietary Comfort-Fit™ technology allows the strips to stick and mold precisely to the teeth without gels or trays as active whitening agents are embedded into the strip.

Dentists now have a new, simplified avenue for growing their patient base by adding Daring White strips to their treatment offering.  Benefits for the practice include reduced chair time compared to traditional bleaching trays, increased acceptance for high revenue treatment plans, and improved patient self-esteem.

The Complete Whitening Treatment contains a set of ten whitening strips, to effectively combat years of staining.  After the initial ten treatments are finished, the patient can follow up with a five-strip treatment as a touch up, when the patient returns for their next office visit.

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