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Garrison® Dental Solutions Introduces Slick Bands™ Tofflemire-style Matrix Kit

August 13, 2015
SPRING LAKE, Michigan – Garrison’s new and improved Slick Bands™ Tofflemire-style Matrix Kit provides clinicians with the matrices necessary to successfully restore a very wide variety of cases. 
This comprehensive kit includes nine varieties of matrix bands, four sizes of anatomic wedges and a set of PerForm™ Proximal Contact Instruments.   Both dead-soft and regular matrices are included and two of the matrix varieties, the Right Curve™ matrix and the Margin Elevation matrix, are Garrison exclusives.
All matrices in the kit have the Slick Bands™ non-stick coating which reduces composite adhesion by 92%.  This allows for easier removal of the band.  The dead-soft varieties are made from an improved blend of stainless steel that reduces tearing while maintaining proper burnishing characteristics.  Both the dead-soft (green) and regular (gray) are only .0014” thick for excellent interproximal contacts.
Color coded and conveniently organized, the Slick Bands™ Tofflemire-style Matrix Kit also has a complete selection in refills available individually.