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New Tofflemire-Style Matrix Kit

A new Tofflemire-style matrix band kit from Garrison Dental Solutions provides a very thin (.0014") non-stick matrix band for every type of restoration. Utilizing Slick Bands™ non-stick technology the kit contains #1 Universal, #2 Sub-Gingival, #13 Pedodontic and the all new Right-Curve Tofflemire style bands. Both regular and dead-soft versions of each band are included in the kit.
The entirely new Right-Curve™ matrix band's increased curve translates into a wider funnel shape. This wider funnel more easily reaches over to the adjacent teeth allowing for the creation of broader, deeper contacts. Additional benefits of the wider funnel are improved visualization of deeper preps and improved cervical seal.
All of the matrices in the kit are coated with Garrison's unique Slick Bands material. This coating virtually eliminates bonding agent and composite adhesion to the matrix, greatly simplifying matrix removal. The coating also allows for easy identification of the regular (gray coated) and dead-soft (green coated) matrices.

The Comprehensive Slick Bands Matrix Kit is available direct from Garrison Dental Solutions in the USA and through select dealers worldwide. Call toll-free 888-437-0032 or visit