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Composi-Tight® 3D Thin Tine G-Ring® Retains On Difficult Teeth

The new Composi-Tight® 3D Thin Tine G-Ring® from Garrison Dental Solutions has been developed as part of the Composi-Tight 3D Sectional Matrix System to expand the systems versatility. The patented burnished tips provide significantly increased tooth gripping power to allow the ring to stay firmly seated in anatomically demanding situations. Malpositioned teeth, clinically short crowns, the mesial of the 1st bicuspid and pedodontic teeth are easily gripped by the convergent burnished tines.
M.O.D. restorations or multiple tooth restorations can be completed with the use of multiple G-Rings®. The tines of the ring are angled from the body to allow for stacking multiple thin tine G-Rings® or a thin tine G-Ring® in combination with any other Garrison separator ring. This allows the operator maximum flexibility in selecting the appropriate ring for each interproximal space.
The Composi-Tight® Thin Tine G-Rings® are available in refill packs containing 3 rings.