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FenderWedge® provides simple, effective protection

FenderWedge® Interproximal Tooth Shields from Garrison Dental Solutions protect adjacent teeth for a variety of procedures. The plastic wedge portion is inserted using the same method as any regular wedge and keeps the shield firmly in place. FenderWedge's stainless steel shield protects the adjacent tooth from inadvertent bur contact, provides excellent protection for air abrasion procedures and even prevents etchant from damaging adjacent enamel during inlays on onlays.


Conservative Class II's also benefit from FenderWedge. Place FenderWedge prior to tooth preparation. It not only protects the adjacent tooth from bur nicks, but also provides a 'pre-separation' force. This pre-separation greatly aids matrix band placement and helps improve the tightness of the resulting contacts.


FenderWedge is available in either assortment packs or as single size refills. Garrison Dental Solutions manufactures Composi-Tight® Sectional Matrix Systems, Wedge Wands®, and a selection of other specialty dental products.