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Unique Matrix System Enhances Patient Comfort and Safety

Reel Matrix™ from Garrison Dental Solutions utilizes a pre-contoured Tofflemire-style matrix band coupled with a unique applicator to enhance patient comfort and safety.  Reel Matrix does not require traditional cumbersome and uncomfortable retainers to place and tension the matrix around the tooth.  Instead, this revolutionary system employs small matrix-holding reels with a removable tensioning handle.  The handle securely holds the matrix during placement, tightens it and then easily releases the reel and is removed from the mouth.  Quadrant work is greatly simplified and visibility improved.


Once the restoration is complete, removal of the matrix is as simple as placement.  Older retainerless systems required the use of special cutters to snip a portion of the matrix locking mechanism.  This can result in exposed sharp edges and small bits of metal can be inadvertently dropped into the patient’s mouth.  The Reel Matrix is significantly safer.  Just re-grip the reel with the tensioning handle, loosen the matrix and remove it.


The introductory kit includes a comprehensive selection of matrix bands.  All bands are pre-contoured to assist in recreating proper interproximal anatomy.  Two sizes, 5mm bicuspid and 6.3mm molar, are provided in three different materials.  .0012” dead soft stainless steel, .0015” regular stainless steel and .0029” cure-through plastic ensure that you have the right band for any restorative challenge.