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Tooth shield aids in minimally invasive dentistry

The new FenderWedge® interproximal tooth shield from Garrison Dental Solutions plays an important role in minimally invasive Class II composite restorations. Contact with the adjacent tooth is often not broken during preparation of small Class II lesions. This remaining contact can make it difficult to insert sectional matrix bands. Available in 4 different color-coded sizes, the tooth shield provides pre-wedging force during tooth preparation to allow for easier insertion of a sectional band.

Additionally, the firm stainless steel shield protects the adjacent tooth from inadvertent contact with rotary instruments during tooth preparation. Not only does this conserve natural tooth structure, but it also saves valuable time by eliminating the need to polish out bur marks from the adjacent tooth.

The tooth shield is available in either assortment packs or as single size refills. They can be ordered directly from Garrison Dental Solutions at 888.437.0032 or on-line at

Garrison Dental Solutions manufactures Composi-Tight® Sectional Matrix Systems, WedgeWands®, and a selection of other specialty dental products.

Fender Wedge