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Detected region: United States of America
Case Study

Direct cusp covering of vital element with very deep cervical margin

Dr. Daniele Gensini

Clean cavity with deep cervical margin
Occlusal view. Vital element
Slick Band matrix placement with correct emergence profile
Precise adaptation of the matrix to the margin
Selective enamel etching
Universal adhesive
Highly filled flowable composite for reconstruction of the deep cervical margin
Margin sealed and dentin covered with flowable composite
Restorative margin in a favorable position and with correct profile
Silicone index to reconstruct the missing cusp
Reconstructed stamp cusp
Correct adaptation of 3D fusion matrix to the new restorative margin
Placement of composite resin for the proximal wall
Proximal wall just reconstructed
Completion of the modeling of the occlusal table
Characterized, finished and polished restoration
Lateral view of the correct emergence profile recreated
Just removed the rubber dam
Occlusal check