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Journées dentaires internationales du Québec (JDIQ)

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5/27/2019 at 8:00am EDT to 5/28/2019 at 6:00pm EDT
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CDA Spring Session

Official website: CDA Spring Session

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5/16/2019 at (All day) to 5/18/2019 at (All day)
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Clinician Testimonial

Enrico Cogo, DDS

Legnago, Ferrara, and Goito, Italy
"3D rings are the real topic of Garrison’s systems. The “v” shape of the ring that fits in the interproximal area allows a good fitting between the cavity margins and the matrix in the buccal and palatal walls. This results in an easier positioning of the composite masses close to the cavity margins and also the final remodeling usually necessary at the time of removal of the matrix will be very minimal. The rings also permit a divergence of the interproximal dental elements, and this causes a great point of contact. Garrison systems make Class II restorations simpler and more predictable and also reduce the operating time of the finishes when the matrix is taken off."
Clinician Testimonial

Cary A Behle, DDS

San Diego, California
"I just love what you guys come up with! After all, you're dentists really. These wands are absolutely the most sensible solution to one of those problems that we don't even know we have, we just get along with the hemostats, etc. When you see these Wands you say, "Why didn't anyone think of that before!" I have a few retired dentists as patients and one was in today and said just that. He couldn't believe how simple and great these are. Thanks!"
Clinician Testimonial

Dr. Akit Patel, Specialist Prosthodontist

United Kingdom
"Garrison are experts at innovation and finding solutions for our patients. Their Composi-Tight 3D sectional matrix system is a perfect example of this. They place significant focus in designing and developing instruments to perfect Class II restorations, which gives me absolute trust in their products and they continue to surpass other kits on the market. I have used their 3D system since it was launched, which offers an impressive combination of clever design, simplicity and technique to help create correctly shaped restorations that one can see time and time again. The tooth, the periodontal tissues and the clinician all benefit in achieving sealed, tightly bound proximal contour and contacts. It is an essential piece of kit that every clinician should have. The A+Wedge is their latest addition to their portfolio and complements the sectional matrix system in a predictable way."
Clinician Testimonial

Robert “Bob” Margeas, DDS

Des Moines, Iowa
“I do a ton of crown and bridge so I’m always looking for ways to speed up and simplify things. I wear pretty high magnification loupes and usually have to stop, look under the loupes as I remove the packing instrument from the mouth, flip it and then bring it back in. Then it takes me a couple of seconds to refocus. With "Bob's" Double Cord Packer having both blades on one end, all I have to do is twist it and keep going."
Clinician Testimonial

Randall G. Cohen, DDS

Morrisville, Pennsylvania
"The learning curve on the other rings was that they sometimes would not stay where you put them because their contact points on the tooth surface were small and few. With these grippers, the rings hold steady the first time you seat them into position. Accordingly, MOD's are no more difficult than MO's or DO's. Congratulations on an excellent product!"
Clinician Testimonial

Fred S. Margolis, DDS, PC

Highland Park, Illinois
"As a pediatric dentist, I am always looking to provide comfort for my child patients, and at the same time, using products that allow me to perform excellent restorations. The new 3D Soft-Face rings help me do both."
Clinician Testimonial

Mark McOmie DMD

Chattanooga, TN
"Garrison continues to amaze me with their innovations. I didn't think the sectional matrix and slick bands could be improved, then they came out with the 3D XR. I stand is outstanding!"
Clinician Testimonial

Spencer Bloom, DDS

Chicago, IL
"Adjusted areas polished with the two eZr grits look like smooth glass when examined using my 4.5x loupes!"
Clinician Testimonial

Len Boksman DDS, BSC, FADI, FICD

London, Ontario
"This new modification of the ring makes a lot of sense, and since some newer ring designs allow for better wedge placement, this new design offers two benefits – allows the placement of the wedge and the ring over top of it more easily, and the interproximal extension provides better separating force while adapting the matrix creating less flash and less work for the dentist in finishing class II composites. It is a definite step in the right direction."
Clinician Testimonial

Louis Mackenzie, BDS

Birmingham. England
"The revolutionary design of the Garrison TN009 multi-function composite instrument makes it ideal for precise placement and shaping of direct composite restorations. With five non-stick tips it allow fast, efficient, predictable shaping of occlusal anatomy. If you only buy one specialized composite instrument, the TN009 could not be a better investment."
Clinician Testimonial

Stewart P. Rosenberg, DDS

Laurel, Maryland
"All I can say about the new products is "Incredible"! The new matrix bands are much easier to place and the longer length enables me to use them effectively to restore wide embrasures. The new Composi-Tight Gold retaining rings are far superior to anything I have ever used and, with the increased tension, provide the tightest contacts we have ever gotten on a consistent, predictable basis. I also love the new tip design of the ring placement forceps. It is a vast improvement over any other I have used, making placement a snap. Once again, Garrison Dental has raised the bar to a new level!"
Clinician Testimonial

Matthew A. Nejad, DDS

Beverly Hills, CA
"We produced the margin elevation band to facilitate the deep margin elevation technique which is becoming increasingly popular with adhesive dentistry. Properly performed, this technique allows for a conservative indirect restoration to be completed without additional invasive treatments. The use of this band and unique matrix shape allows the band to form a tight seal in deeper cervical areas where other bands would usually be unable to reach."
Clinician Testimonial

Phillip Howard, DDS

Seattle, WA
“I use the eZr system on all zirconia and e.max crowns. This product has been fantastic at polishing zirconia…much better than many other brands!”
Clinician Testimonial

Jack Griffin, Jr., DMD

Eureka, Montana
"Pinch Matrices are a terrific supplement to the Garrison ring and matrix systems. Awesome for creating contacts on both mesial and distal without using other full bands that use holders that are in the way and may pinch lips. They are versatile enough for fillings or build ups and work well with rings. Pinch Matrices are a real time saver and help make large restorations simple."
Clinician Testimonial

Matthew Holyoak, BDS, Dip Rest Dent (RCS Eng) MSc (Rest Dent)

Lancashire, England
"The 3DXR ring from Garrison Dental is a significant improvement on all previous rings; it is truly universal and I have not found any Class II restoration that it will not fit. The 3DXR has not flown across the room once! When used with the sectional matrices and WedgeWands (or A+Wedges), it helps to provide a tight anatomical contact area and highly predictable posterior composite restorations every time."
Clinician Testimonial

Randy Kovicak, DDS

Norton Shores, Michigan
"The Garrison system is the best way to get a consistently tight contact virtually every restoration you place."
Clinician Testimonial

Dr. Jeffrey M. Rosenberg

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"In today’s modern dental practice, efficient systems that yield the best esthetic and functional success are a must. Nothing makes it easier, faster or less traumatic than Bob’s packer. It is a must have!"